Tips to Enhance the Performance of An Automatic Transmission
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Tips to Enhance the Performance of An Automatic Transmission

One of the major causes of transmission failure is overheating. However, this can be avoided if you keep in mind specific tips that will help to enhance the performance of an automatic transmission. In this article, we are going to take you through that. So let us check it out.

Tips to Care for an Automatic Transmission

Using Emergency Brakes

Using emergency brakes when the vehicle is parked will help to avoid any type of undue wear on the transmission. Essentially the emergency brake is designed so as to hold the weight of the vehicle; however, when you do not engage it, the major weight is placed on the parking detents. In order to be effective, make sure you engage the emergency brake before you park the car.

Transmission Servicing

Regular transmission servicing is really an important step to enhance the life and performance of your automatic transmission. Different types of transmissions operate differently, so they need different service schedules. Hence make sure to check and follow manufacturer transmission recommendations regarding the model of vehicle and transmission. If you have certain questions regarding your transmission, make sure to contact your nearest repair shop for the same. They would provide you with an effective solution.

Check the Fluid Level and Condition

It is important that you use proper fluid for your vehicle. If you substitute your transmission with other types of fluid then than those recommended by the manufacturer, it can cause transmission problems. The fluid level and condition should be checked on a proper routine basis. If you overfill the fluid, it can cause huge problems and damage significant components of the vehicle. Also, try to check the signs of leakage in a vehicle if there is a leak, then the fluid level can be dangerously low.

Lowering Gears with Heavy Loads

When you are using the right settings for an automatic transmission, it is one of the efficient ways to improve the performance of your vehicle. So, if you are driving in heavy traffic or carrying a lot of loads, try to use the vehicle drive selection for transmission. Try not to drive much as it puts greater pressure on the gears. Overdriving can lead to excessive slippage as well as undue pressure. Hence always try to lower the gears whenever your vehicle bears heavy loads.

Try to Change Your Driving Habits

When you change your driving habits, it automatically leads to enhancing the auto transmission performance as well as reliability. For this, you can try to start driving your vehicle and ask someone to measure the dash gauges. Try to take note of the shift of the transmission, in particular to RPM. Most cars generally come with a tachometer gauge in order to measure RPMs. These RPMs help to note the speed at which the transmission is shifted. Try to analyze the data recorded to see at which the shift occurred. Then accordingly, you can change your driving habits.

Ensure Alignment of Tires

Tire alignment makes a considerable difference when it comes to the operation of your transmission, especially when you are driving. Also, if you want to align your tiers, you can do so by floor jacks, wheel chocks, as well as a tape measure. However, it is better that you leave such tasks in the hands of professionals.

Proper Maintenance of Engine

Regarding the overall performance of a vehicle, transmissions get neglected. Hence as soon as the car engine is overheated, it causes the coolant within the radiator to boil. Some of the boilings cause the transmission fluid to vanish within that of the radiator heat exchange. Moreover, the excess heat burns all the transmission oil. When this happens, the transmission oil is evaporated, thereby exposing the transmission. Hence if your car engine gets overheated or misfired, it becomes a severe issue for your transmission. Hence make sure to service your transmission properly.

Regularly Changing Transmission Filter

An automatic transmission of your car has a filter that needs to be changed with time or time. So, make sure to check the transmission of your car on a regular basis. The transmission filter of your car mainly depends upon the model. Most vehicles do not have a transmission filter; however, it needs to be changed if your transmission gets flushed.

Inspect Your Transmission Annually

It is important that you check the transmission of your vehicle. For this, it is important that you run a diagnostic check for the same to check for any abnormalities. Try to check for the fluid, level, color, and smell to ensure that your transmission functions correctly.

Through these tips, you can enhance the performance of an automatic transmission. We hope that this guide is helpful for you and you can utilize the tips effectively in order to enhance the life of automatic transmission. If you want to replace your transmissions, get in touch with A1 Auto Wrecking at (800) 697-1571 or Request a quote to place an order for high-grade transmission.