Is It Worth to Buy New Engine for Your Car?
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Is It Worth to Buy New Engine for Your Car?

Were you aware of the fact that a new engine replacement can range anywhere between USD 4,000 for a 4-cylinder to USD 7,000 for an 8-cylinder engine? Depending on the condition of the engine, it may range even higher if it is well-maintained.

You may also have a vintage or a very old family car which you still want to preserve and therefore are in contemplation of buying a new engine and replacing it with an old one instead of selling the car off.

But a situation may arise when your car is worn down. In that case, it is obvious to think: should the car be changed or replace only the engine?

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Check if Your Car Can Still Be Repaired

Take a look at the condition of your car and consider the below-mentioned factors:

  • Model and along with that, Make and year of the car
  • Total mileage on your car so far
  • Frequency usage of your car
  • Shape and body of the car
  • Approximate cost of total repairs on your car

Once you have gathered the above-required information, compare it with the cost of the new engine. If the total amount is near or more than the cost of a new engine, then it’s better to purchase a new car.

Alternatively, if the car is quite new and has less mileage, engine replacement is not worth the option. It will be better to sell your car as compared to buying a new one.

If you are having an old car that has been in your family for decades, surely it has some sentimental value, if not monetary. In such a scenario, you can think of replacing the engine because this will keep the car running at an affordable cost if your car has not sustained any damage.

Bear in mind the fact that if it is an old vehicle, it will have plenty of miles on it. Replacing the engine is something you should consider as, after a certain amount of miles, there is a high chance of major wear and tear to your engine. The chances of repairing the engine in such a case are not recommended at all as other parts of the engine will also need to be repaired.

Understand What Needs to Be Fixed First

What is exactly causing the issue with your car? This is the first and foremost step that needs to be done before fixing the car. There are a few common issues that could lead you to think about replacing the engine altogether.

Low fluid levels and clogged oil filters can cause friction inside the engine. This can be fixed easily by refilling the oil until it reaches the fill line and replacing the filter.

Overheating or smoke coming out of your engine is a sign that your engine could be in trouble. If the engine is making strange sounds when you are starting the car or driving it around, it’s a sign that your engine is in trouble.

Compare the Cost of a New Car Before You Buy New Engine

Before you buy a new engine, you need to compare and contrast the cost of replacing the car with that of the engine.

The replacement cost of engines can greatly depend on where they are purchased from and how good is the quality of the product that is being sold. To decide this, check the problems your engine is facing and get an estimate of how much will it cost to fix it. Compare this estimation with the price of a used car that is in good condition, online.

If the cost of a new engine is almost the same as the price of a used car of your exact make and model and is in good condition, then it makes sense to sell your old car and buy a new one. But if you find that buying a new engine will be more feasible than buying a new car, then opt to buy a new engine.

Cost of Engine Replacement is Variable Depending on the Car

Another aspect you need to keep in mind before buying a replacement engine is to know the year in which your car was made. Vehicles that were manufactured post-2000s, usually require less expensive repairs as their manufacturing processes got better. However, if the car is older than the year 2000, you may need to buy new engine and consider selling up your old car.

If your old car at your holds a lot of sentimental value for you and your family, then it is up to you as to whether you want to sell it or not. Some people like to keep the old car and are willing to pay up for the repairs and other related expenses because of the history the car carries with it.


Whether to buy a new engine, repair the existing one or buy another car is up to you, we have helped to simplify the decision-making process for it with this article. If you wish to buy new engine, you can check out A1 Auto Wrecking to get your desired engine delivered to your doorstep.