How to Fix Common Problems of an Auto Car Gearbox
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How to Fix Common Problems of an Auto Car Gearbox

The auto car gearbox is quite complex, as well as a computer-driven system. However, automatic transmission can be quite expensive to repair in comparison to your engine. This essentially means that it’s better to pay attention to the common problems and try to fix them before it becomes a serious issue.

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Auto Car Gearbox Problems and How to Solve Them

1. Grinding Sensation in Gear

Generally, automatic transmissions are quite smooth to operate from gear to gear. However, if you feel any grinding or shaking sensation as you switch your car, it means that your auto car gearbox has certain problems. You must pay attention at this point cause it would become worse if you don’t. So as soon as you feel automatic sensations, try to take it to a professional. It is important to get it checked by a professional as they might have damaged gears that you won’t be able to solve on your own.

2. Insufficient Acceleration

If you are having a slight delay in your car’s acceleration, it is known as throttle response. Sometimes this delay could be quite frequent and long-term. Hence if you notice any change in the speed of the car, try to increase the torque after the gear is shifted. Sometimes this may cause due to malfunction of various parts; hence, in such cases, it is better to take it to a professional. However, if you see that there is just air in the apparatus, try to simply drain it with a fluid channel.

3. Spillage of Transmission Fluid

The gearbox of a car requires a transmission fluid so as to lubricate it and ensure a rotating mechanism that is efficient. However, if you notice suddenly that there is a liquid accumulation in your car, in the majority of the cases, it is the transmission fluid. This happens mainly because of the excessive-high oil level in the enclosure or a crack in the gear casing. It is quite important to check this; hence if it is too late, try to take it to a mechanic as soon as it is possible. Most likely major components of the gearbox would require changes.

4. Gear Shifting Issues

If you possess a problem in a gear shift, then in the majority of cases, it is quite an important issue. However, you may feel that your car’s gear is not working or maybe stuck completely. This is because there may be damage in the clutch linkage, excessive problems in the shifter lock spring, or a thrashed gear tooth. In such cases, it is better to take your car immediately to a servicing center and damage most units accordingly.

5. Burning Smell

If you smell that something is burning, then in most probable cases, it is coming from the auto car gearbox. However, it is important that if you notice a gear shift that is faulty, it can also come from other faults that have happened in the gearbox. Now, this can happen because of a low fluid level in the enclosure or inappropriate fluid usage. In this case, the first and foremost action would be to cool the components of the gearbox and lubricate gearbox.

6. The Congested Filter

A filter plays an essential role in keeping the fluid of the gearbox clean, as well as ensuring proper lubrication. However, if the filter gets clogged with dirt, it can also affect transmission. So, in this case, try to replace the filter. You can also get in touch with a mechanic who will assist you in this process.

7. Noisy Transmission

Majorly a transmission that is noisy when in neutral can indicate that there is a problem. However, if you add some fluid or change the fluid, in most cases, the noise stops in most cases. However, if it does not, in that case, the transmission would require professional attention as it may be the case of broken parts.

8. Transmission Overheating

Your automatic transmission can get overheated if there are certain low fluid levels as well as burnt fluid. In such cases, it is important that you add transmission fluid, replace the existing transmission fluid, add a transmission cooler and replace the solenoid. Hence it really becomes important that the transmission is overheated. Try also to replace bands if the case may be.

Summing Up

Knowing the signs of particular transmission problems will help you avoid wasting time and money fixing the wrong items. So naturally, you want to get automatic transmission repairs done as soon as feasible and for the least amount of money. However, in most cases, the troubles are major in nature; hence, you must get in touch with professional services. In case you would like to purchase an entire transmission, visit A1 Auto Wrecking, a leading suppliers of engines and transmission across the United States.