Five Signs That You Need to Change the Transmission Fluid of your Car
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Five Signs That You Need to Change the Transmission Fluid of your Car

A car’s transmission fluid plays a very important role in the system of your car. As your car toils on the road, the vehicle’s transmission fluid picks up various grit and grime. Also, you would notice that the transmission fluid starts breaking down in certain cases as it ages. Hence it is very important that you change your transmission fluid at regular intervals by removing the dirty fluid and replacing it with fresh and clean fluid. To check the health of your transmission fluid, there are certain signs that you must check.

In this article, we are going to discuss the five most important signs that indicate that your transmission fluid needs to be changed. So let us get right into it.

1. Dirty Transmission Fluid

One of the most common and easy ways to check the condition of your transmission fluid is to check the quality of the fluid. If you have an automatic transmission, it is essential that you take the dipstick out of the transmission; once you take the dipstick out, check its consistency and wipe out the fluid. Once done, re-dip and check the level again on the dipstick.

Essentially a good transmission fluid is generally clean or has a pink tint color. However, if it has a brown or deep color, it indicates that the transmission fluid is dirty. You need to understand that if your transmission fluid is dirty, it needs an essential replacement to avoid any further damage to your car’s transmission. You can also check for certain visible particles, indicating that your fluid needs to be changed.

2. Whining Transmission

If you notice that your transmission is making noise, then it is a serious problem. Try to notice when the whining happens; if you find that the transmission whine while your vehicle is in reverse mode, then in the possible case, there is a problem with the transmission fluid line. Also, if the transmission line is clogged, then it will block the fluid from flowing, thereby causing serious damage to your vehicle. Hence you must replace it. If you notice that the transmission whines while your car is moving forward, there is a problem with the torque converter, which is a grave issue that needs instant redressal.

3. Slipping Gears

If your transmission fluid is dirty, then it would lead to a lack of hydraulic power, and hence you would notice that the gears would start slipping. This happens as the transmission fluid does not get the required pressure to stay in gear. The dirty fluid, in this case, would not be able to flow properly through the system. So make sure to look for this and immediately change your transmission fluid to avoid any kind of damage to your vehicle.

4. Hindrance to Move in Reverse

If you notice that your car is not moving in reverse, there may be numerous reasons for it; however, dirty transmission fluid is one of the reasons. When the transmission fluid is dirty, it can flow smoothly, which makes it difficult for the vehicle to switch into reverse. If that is the case, then try flushing out the dirty transmission fluid once; in most cases, the issue gets solved.

5. A Higher Temperature of the Engine

We generally think that transmission is not related to the car’s temperature; however, in certain cases, it is. If the transmission fluid is not moving properly the way it should, then it is not entering the cooling tank and cooling. This generates excess heat. Moreover, the enhanced transmission also adds to the heat. This excess heat is transferred to the entire engine and thereby making it hot. If you have already checked the rest of the engine, then it is also time to check the car’s transmission fluid.

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Summing Up

These are five signs that you need to change your car’s transmission fluid. We hope that this guide has been useful for you. Make sure you notice these five signs to understand when you need to replace your transmission fluid. This article gives you just a brief idea regarding the different signs you should notice these signs.

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