Common Problems Associated with Transmission Fluid
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Common Problems Associated with Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is one of the important parts of your car system. It lubricates the car’s transmission. But also attracts grit as it does its job. Apart from this, it also starts to break down as it gets older. The thing about old and dirty transmission fluid is it stops flowing smoothly and your transmission is at risk once this starts happening. Your transmission needs to be cleaned on a time-to-time basis. Dirty fluid needs to be removed and clean & fresh fluid needs to be added frequently. To ensure your car is having clean and clear fluid, you need to check for it frequently too.

Overfilling of Transmission Fluid

One of the things that is rarely talked about is about overfilling of transmission fluid. This can cause many problems. Pressure build-up due to an excessive amount of fluid can cause a delay in changing gears. The importance of maintaining proper transmission fluid levels is emphasized a lot of times. But too much transmission fluid can be a matter of huge trouble as well.

Transmission Fluid Problems

Here are some common transmission fluid problems that a car owner needs to keep in mind:

1. Transmission Fluid is Old & Dirty:

By checking the quality of the fluid, you will easily come to know the status of your transmission. If your car has an automatic transmission, pull the dipstick from the transmission. Wipe off the fluid to check the consistency. Now, dip it again and check the level one more time. If it is clear or has a pink tint, the condition of your transmission is good. Your transmission is old and dirty if it has a brown or dark red colour.

In case your transmission has a dark red or brown colour, it needs to be replaced immediately before any further damage is caused to your transmission. Also, look for any visible particles. These particles are an indication that you need to change the fluid of your transmission.

2. Whining Sound from Transmission:

Transmission that has whining sounds indicates that there is a problem in your transmission. Not only that but, it also indicates where exactly the problem is. While reversing your car, if the whine occurs, it means that the problem is with the transmission fluid line.  If the transmission fluid line is clogged, the transmission fluid cannot flow and your transmission has some serious problems. This problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If you are moving forward and then the transmission whines, it means the problem is with a torque converter, which is even much more of a serious issue to deal with.

3. Gears Start Slipping:

There is a lack of hydraulic power when the transmission fluid gets dirty.  Gears, therefore, start slipping because there is not enough hydraulic power left in the vehicle. This takes place as there is not enough pressure in the transmission for it to stay in gear. The old and dirty fluid stops flowing through the system properly. This impacts the pressure systems and there is not enough power. The transmission fluid must be changed to fix this problem.

4. Car Does Not in Reverse:

There can be several problems with your car not going in reverse. One of them could be transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid is old and dirty, it will not flow in the system. This leads to your car not switching to reverse gear. Changing the transmission fluid is the easiest way to fix this issue if this is the core problem and stopping your car to go in reverse.

5. Engine is Getting Too Hot:

You may think that engine heating up has nothing with your car’s transmission, but it does. Once the transmission fluid stops flowing, it will not process the transmission properly. This means that the fluid will not enter the cooling tank and cool the car. This creates excessive heat and this heat transfers to the rest of the engine. This heats the engine. Also, friction and increased wear and tear from your car’s transmission can add to the heat. If you have made sure that the cooling system and everything else in your car is in good condition, and yet the engine is still hot, then you need to check the transmission of your car.

6. Transmission Creates Grinding Noises:

Similar to low transmission fluid levels, dirty transmission fluid can cause symptoms such as grinding and other unusual noises. Check fluid levels and consistency if you are hearing such noises. If the levels are high but the fluid is dirty, it will not lubricate the parts like it ideally should. In turn, such noises will occur. Changing the transmission fluid is the way to eliminate the noise.


By replacing transmission fluid in your car, you can get rid of many such issues instantly. Old and dirty transmission fluid does no good for your car. If you want to service or replace your transmission entirely, you can connect with our experts at A1 Auto Wrecking here and we will be more than happy to assist you.