Best Websites to Find Used Engine Online
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Best Websites to Find Used Engine Online

Engine swaps or finding an engine for an affordable price is no easy task. Ask any technician or auto mechanic and they will tell you the same as well. But there is a silver lining. Finding an affordable engine may be difficult but not completely impossible. But before you decide to find used engine, there are some crucial questions that you as the owner of the car, have to answer yourself.

  • What is the allotted budget for the engine?
  • Whether I require gasoline, diesel or an electric engine?
  • Should I go for an affordable engine or one that is of high quality?
  • What is the make and model of the car that I am using?

These are some of the basic questions that you need to answer before you decide to find used engine. There are ample websites that sell used engines and it can be quite a hassle to find the used engine that is the most appropriate for your vehicle.

Before you start your search for a used engine, write the production date, engine code, date of the vehicle, and VIN code to find the used engine that meets your requirements. There are many auto part dealers on the internet who sell new as well as used engines online. Gone are the days when one would manually visit junkyards to find spare parts for the car. Nowadays, everything is available at the click of a button from the comfort of your home.

Websites to Find Used Engine From

1. A1 Auto Wrecking

One of the most reliable websites to find used engines and transmissions online, A1 Auto Wrecking is a name you can trust. It has engines and transmissions for all makes and models you can think of. Apart from that, it provides a guarantee on its engines and transmission for a certain time period. Also, they provide free delivery of the engine or transmission to your doorstep. You can get an estimated price of the engine from the website itself. It is a must-visit website if you are looking to replace an engine with a new one.

2. LKQ Online

LKQ Online is known for being one of the largest online marketplaces for used auto parts in the whole of North America. LKQ Online provide auto parts for light-duty trucks and cars at the most affordable rates. Most of the visitors to the website are potential buyers who want to replace their engines. Either the vehicle has been damaged or there are some repairs required by these buyers.

The process of finding spare auto parts can be quite challenging and overwhelming. LKQ Online website has an amazing UX/UI that makes it very easy to find used engines and other auto parts.

3. is a website where you can find the cheapest but quality used engines online. It offers quite competitive rates to users for the car engines. The website has a web page that shows all the most popular engines that have been bought from the website. This way, you can get a fair idea about what kind of engine you may want and if the engine that you want to buy is usually purchased by others or not. The website has a highly user-friendly interface.


Got Engines is an online wholesaler of car engines. The website allows users to select the exact type of engine that they want to have. They have quite an extensive inventory of engines. They also accept cash payments to purchase an engine. provides a five-year warranty, a live customer support line and free shipping. Apart from that, it provides technical knowledge and advice to its customers who have queries about purchasing an engine.

The website encourages customers to tele-call one of their tech support personnel to ensure that they have no issues while purchasing an engine from their website and their satisfaction levels are met.

5. is another must-visit website if you are looking for used engines on the internet. Similar to, also has a web page that showcases the most popular and most frequently purchased engines on their website. So incase you are not sure which engine is the right choice for you, you visit the website and look for the most popular engines to shortlist one for yourself.

A1 Auto Wrecking - Find used engine online at best price

Now that you are aware of different websites where you can find a used engine online, you can compare and contrast the prices of the engines easily. This will help you provide an overview of the market rate and going price of the engine you are looking for. The journey to find a used engine online has been made much easier and simpler for you now. You can always visit A1 Auto Wrecking, and find the desired engines that match all your needs or contact our experts at (800) 697-1571