Best Quality Used Engine Suppliers in the United States
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Best Quality Used Engine Suppliers in the United States

The idea of engine replacement often makes us nervous as a new engine is quite expensive. Hence, we are often stuck in the loop of cost efficiency as well as durability. Moreover, even if we go ahead to purchase used engines, it is important to find proper suppliers for them. In this article, we are going to talk about the best quality used engine suppliers in the United States.

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Used Engines Suppliers in US

1. A1 Auto Wrecking

A1Auto Wrecking is one of the biggest & reliable used engine suppliers in US, where all engines for sale are provided at an affordable price. They strive to make your buying experience hassle-free and smooth.

Whether you are looking for a used engine for your car, van, SUV, or even heavy-duty truck, A1 Auto Wrecking has it covered. They go the extra mile to ensure you can find the used engines at the best price that are compatible with your specific vehicle’s model.

2. B&R Auto Wrecking

It is one of the largest suppliers of quality used engines. They deliver engines that live up to top-quality standards. All parts are provided with a standard 90-day warranty. However, they are costly. And this is where you can choose A1 Auto Wrecking, which not only produces good quality used engines but does so at an affordable price rate.

3. Jasper Engine and Transmissions

They are a remanufacturer of used diesel engines. Their specialization lies in producing highway fleet diesel engines, automotive diesel engines, and automotive engines. Additionally, they also provide a warranty for 3+ years and a capacity of 100,000 miles. However, as per user reviews, their parts are not of good quality and do not essentially serve the warranty period. A1 Auto Wrecking, in this regard, is relatively better as they ensure that they provide top-quality inspection of their products, and customers do not have to worry about it after purchasing their products.

4. IESC Diesel Corporation

They are a manufacturer and distributor of gears, parts, and accessories and are known for their used engines. However, despite this, their specialization lies primarily in industrial and marine engines. Hence if you want to go for top-quality used engines, you can consult A1 auto wrecking, which has been in this profession for a number of years.

5. US Trucks and Parts

They are a distributor of used as well salvage truck and trailer parts. They produce diesel engines, body panels, transmissions as well as electronics. However, they mainly cater to the commercial transportation industry. Hence if you are looking for used engines for your personal vehicle, chances are that they would not be available here. So, for the best quality used engines for your cars, you can visit A1 Auto Wrecking and request a quote for your desired engine anytime, anywhere.

6. Yancey Bros. Co.

They are a distributor of used diesel engines available in 406 mm L x 371 mm W x 623 mm H dimensions with an 8.2 bkw to 3,328 bkw range. All their engines meet the EPA standards and are environment-friendly. Though they provide the highest quality engines, they are a bit higher in the price range; hence if you are looking for affordable engines, you can get in touch with A1 Auto wrecking.

7. Stewart and Stevenson Power Products LLC Atlantic Division

They are one of the reputed distributors of portable diesel engines, which includes used engines. They also provide amplified standard rail fuel systems, three-level engine brakes, and geometry-style turbochargers. However, there are no details regarding the warranty services they provide. Hence if you want to get proper warranty documentation for your used engines, you can get in touch with A1 Auto Wrecking.

8. Used Engines Inc

They are distributors of used engines as well as gasoline engines, motors as well as transmissions for trucks and automobiles. They essentially provide 3-5 years of replacement warranty. However, according to user reviews, they have certain issues with the delivery of the products. A1 Auto Wrecking, on the other hand, ensures that their products are delivered within the requisite time with all details. In case of any misplacement, they have a dedicated customer service who helps to solve all such queries easily.

9. Ameren Sales International

They are a distributor of used as well as rebuilt diesel engines. Additionally, they also provide marine diesel engines, ship diesel engines as well as diesel generators. However, they are majorly a distributor and do not possess an in-house manufacturing unit. This is not the case with A1 Auto wrecking as they have an in-house manufacturing unit as well as a distribution system specially catering to used engines.

10. Diesel Power Equipment Co

They are distributors of used diesel engines. They are available in various models as well as configurations. Additionally, they also provide flywheel housing and battery charge rate indicators. However, their after-sales services are really powerful, and as per user reviews, people do not provide a proper maintenance schedule for their products. This is something that A1 Auto Wrecking is proficient at, and that is after-sales services. After the products are delivered, they ensure they reach the customers and provide a free maintenance schedule within the warranty period.

Trust the best in the business

These were some of the best-used engine suppliers in the USA. However, they do falter in certain elements, and this is where you can trust A1 Auto Wrecking, the best professional used engine supplier in America.